Jessica Stockmann

Jessica Stockmann


As the receptionist for Sytsma & Associates, my role involvesĀ building a remarkable first impression and I love this asĀ being personable and welcoming is a part of my nature.

Before my employment here I spent the last three years after graduating St Thomas More College developing my customer service skills in an admin role for a large client of Sytsma & Associates. Also working for Angus & Coote the past three years and to date on a casual basis.

I am extremely client focused, and detail orientated. This has afforded me an excellent skill set and the competency to align with the missions and values of Sytsma & Associates. I am eager to build and develop relationships with new and existing clientele and providing them with first class customer service at Sytsma & Associates.

When I am not at work you will find me exploring national parks or somewhere near the water. I do enjoy a good Netflix binge but also am an avid aquarium enthusiast to my three tropical aquariums.